Quality Management

As part of our commitment to quality and service to our stakeholders, Billabong Road and Bridge Maintenance Inc. is a ISO 9001:2008 certified company. That means we have in place a transparent quality management system subject to third party audits that provide us with a set of processes to better meet the needs of our stakeholders and continually improve the delivery of our services.

Billabong Road and Bridge Maintenance Inc. is committed to regular internal audits and works closely with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure on external audits to ensure those standards are maintained.

Mission Statement

Our management team and dedicated employees are committed to providing a reliable service that protects the safety of the traveling public, maintains the integrity of the infrastructure, is of the highest quality and to the satisfaction of our stakeholders.

Billabong Road and Bridge Maintenance Inc. aims to be of benefit to the communities in our Service Area while building a proud and professional work force.